ANYCUBIC Formax 3d Printer Large Big Size FDM Impresora 4max Diy Kit Modular Design as Filament for Gift

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  • ANYCUBIC Formax 3d Printer FDM Desktop Level UM2 Super Large Size Modular Design High Precision Impresora 4max Diy Kit for Gift

    Technical Specification


    Technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

    Build Size: 210 x 210 x 300(mm)

    Layer Resolution: 0.1-0.4mm

    Positioning Accuracy: XY:0.0125mm,Z:0.0025mm

    Extruder Quantity: Single

    Nozzle/Filament Diameter: 0.4 mm/1.75mm

    Print Speed: 20-60mm/s

    Travel Speed: 60mm/s

    Supported Materials: PLA, ABS, HIPS, Wood


    Ambient Operating Temperature: 8°C – 40°C

    Operational Extruder Temperature: max 250°C

    Operational Print Bed Temperature: max 100°C


    Slicer Software: Cura

    Software Input Formats: .STL, .OBJ, .AMF

    Software Output Formats: GCode

    Connectivity: SD card,USB


    Input rating: 110V/220V AC,50/60Hz

    Working Voltage: 12V DC

    Physical Dimensions

    Printer Dimensions: 400*425*500mm

    Net Weight: ~15.5kg

Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 50 in
Color Print Speed


Brand Name


Model Number

ANYCUBIC Formax 3d Printer


FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

Build Size

210 x 210 x 300 mm

Travel Speed


Supported Materials


Slicer Software


Software Input Formats


Printer Dimensions


Extruder Quantity


Nozzle/Filament Diameter

0.4 mm/1.75mm

51 reviews for ANYCUBIC Formax 3d Printer Large Big Size FDM Impresora 4max Diy Kit Modular Design as Filament for Gift

  1. A***o

    The package received as described and on first look free from damage, but not tested yet. Very satisfied with the store. I will continue ordering from him in the future. I recommend to others.

  2. C***n

    5 stars for fast delivery and good price. more news on quality of printer later

  3. A***y

    It is exactly as it says. A DIY kit. Buyer beware, if something is wrong with it it’s on you to fix it. They won’t even try to replace their faulty power supply that I received with mine.

  4. Customer

    good 3d printer, recomended.

  5. T***a


  6. A***s

    cheap good machine, i like it but what issues-two ball bearing sealings have no, they say what you want, high qality and sd card cruch printer-i changed to start it.

  7. D***v

    hi goods for 8 days very fast come from china. printer single holder i commodity now oh not from china, fitting but it can tell printer prints перекурами assembled with within 3 hours straight out of the box program settings without quality very. and included допилов no not need assembled with печатай. sticking to the table excellent намертво that keeps that abs pla. it is not need something to my first printer доделывать. восторги thanks to store. to take!. has more’ll buy photo выложу later.

  8. N***v

    good price and fast delivery. more news on quality later 🙂

  9. S***s

    Extremely well packed. Nice construction, but very badly let down by the awfully cheap extruder – MK7 (or worse) with an unconstrained filament path, no heartbreak, and no heatblock insulation. Other thing to note is that the bearings on the x-carriage are so loose on the shafts that it is very easy to twist the carriage enough that you can see it crabbing and making a knocking sound.

  10. F***e

    received very quickly, laisserais j’aurais french and i loved one manual first assessment after mount printing ….

  11. Customer

    Overall great Printer. Too cheap extruder and hotend, causing feeding problems, loud power supply fan. Changed all of them myself.

  12. C***l

    fast delivery packaging flawless, i recommend

  13. E***s

    he shipment was very quick. I am now building the 4Max. It is fun to build and very easy trough the step by step video instructions found on the site of Anycubic3D. Wenn I am finished I will upload some pictures. But for now i can see it is a great product for a very good price. very good build quality, packaging and materials.

  14. K***n

    The X-axis is not calibrated – with a 90mm build, it makes 0.5mm less

  15. J***n

    this is a great printer, anycubic home run by another. this is an basically for ultimaker 360 bucks, like a dream prints.

  16. C***N

    excellent TEAM, las-best condition. excellent A printer. manual and highly detailed To your assembled

  17. J***j

    Good product not perfect but very good

  18. M***e

    Easy to assamble, delivery was OK. A light surface damage to the knob for the display, because the steel rods got off their “compartment” and scratched the surface of the knob. Everything else was perfectly fine.

  19. L***d

    This is a well engineered printer. Enclosure is very nice. Could use some lighting inside. Prints very well!

  20. O***o

    looks good. the packing is very safe and reliable. but the most interesting part will be after assembly.

  21. P***n

    top teril.

  22. R***z

    very fast shipping, everything is ok

  23. D***s

    printer has been shipped from our warehouse in germany, literally within 4 days. going to easily, pretty complete detailed instruction. caveat will be on, to like me who (лся) immediately after заработает all that. трудностям should be prepared to you. in my, after assembly, not finish test one none удавалось printing, 12 hours to pile хотенда heater burn безуспешных attempts. correspondence after the store has been sent replacement full three pieces. new set heater and продолжились мучения. 🙂 хотенд перебирал three times, pid отрегулировал заодно, while not last, экструдере clicks in that, respectively, филамента происходило перетянутой because of factory cut extruder spring (axis экструдером already assembled together with x factory). spring after adjust printer print started! very good and typing. in general, result i satisfied, 3d printing teaching basics anycubic firm thank you for.-d

  24. A***e

    Great ..very satisfied ..thank you so much !!

  25. Customer

    all the best. support more than top is a very nice. all in 3-4 hours, light up step. upgrade also good.

  26. D***v

    Со стороны сопла во время печати вытекает расплавленый материал, который периодически необходимо убирать, чтобы он не испортил модель. плюс отваливается датчик температуры от головки сопла, что один раз чуть не привело к расплавлению пластиковых частей конструкции (пошел дым), так как головка греется бесконечно, и что самое важное датчик не клеится. Т.е. клеится но когда происходит нагрев, весь клей растворяется к 200 градусам и датчик вновь отваливается.

  27. T***b

    fast shipping well, light up sorry my heater bed leveln rausgebrochen levels to screw the impossible. immediately and contact the service to not get reply and help me complaining. super m printer.

  28. C***l

    good printing. as all described!

  29. D***v

    item matches the description. free shipping + tracking no. without having to climb in обошлось not well and extruder heater to connect and electronics. pla plastic reel was no markings included.

  30. C***s

    Goods was afloat as, no 5tage. Broken front glass was quick and customer friendly changed. Support Top!!! This thanks. Shop deserves not 5 but’s star 🙂

  31. A***v

    Delivered in Russia for 4 days of purchase. Collected together, instructions, normal, if you never screwdriver not kept certainly better someone call, but the catch no, dopilivat did not need the slots perfectly fit screws pour with stock. The Assembly хотенда dragged (factory) Hardware temperature sensor. Not what you expect from a handsome after 6 hours build and предвкушений, but oh, the next day for 100₽ bought at your local store this sensor, wrote to the claim. The Seller sent a replacement (at the time of writing reviews-already came replacement wire together with heating element, free). During the following print-the table was found a bunch of balls from some kind of bearings, Suspect X, the store also sent a replacement. Summing up-I printer satisfied, for little money you get ready for the device which, further, you can and sometimes need dopilivat.

  32. V***v

    Printer satisfied very! Collected over 4 hours slowly. Test print the photo-two owls. Attention to detail amazing prints so without support. The Only Thing that tried printed PLA, would like to be printed and Flex, but do not have it. From the negative inconveniently located mount for coil, not придвинешь printer to the wall. AND hole for USB cable had little to saw plug is not the. AND so, its excellent workhorse. Seller note-for a long time, actually posted on the last day. Not have my phone on the parcel, because of this courier me not found and parcel I got the 4 days later.

  33. D***n

    Printer taken home by courier. First impressions are positive, but has not yet had time to collect and try to work as went away for a month. Unsubscribe after return.

  34. I***V

    Printer more than good. Rotary Encoder was broken on board. The Seller sent a fee. Immediately made a highlight-it is much more convenient. The main board there are additional outputs 5 and 12C. Plastic, which the store put, is pretty good. The plans to put the second Extruder

  35. M***a

    Delivery: delivered to the PHILIPPINES in 7 days and in excellent condition! Thank you very much Anycubic and Fedex. I would also like to note that Fedex also charged $40 for warehousing and tax. Product review: -soon. so far this is my first printer and Anycubic has made a very good first impression on the quality of the contents.

  36. M***h

    Top 3D Printer. After I all exactly after Manual built had, could also have been printed. The Result was super, For the first Print without further Tweaking. Full to recommend. Also the Seller is full to recommend.

  37. M***b

    I am someting of satisfied with the Part, meanwhile No. 4 I thereof have ordered. Here times my experience report respectively. Tips and Tricks during assembly https://youtu. Be/HVcETiOKERw

  38. T***t

    Very impressed. Really high quality..easy to build Definitely HIGHLY RECOMMEND

  39. Customer

    Great quality and very fast shipping. Thank you

  40. V***n

    I get to gran canaria with no problem, that if paying 30 customs. All oks, a marvel at the moment.

  41. C***A

    There’s nothing wrong with a few faults on the front.

  42. C***o

    He arrived with a broken piece on the x-axis

  43. J***s

    Excellent printer for the price you have.

  44. M***i

    Super 3DPrinter!

  45. R***o

    looks good

  46. Customer


  47. A***r

    Very good shopping

  48. J***z

    great store very fast

  49. A***v

    The printer is cool, the assembly from the factory requires bulkheads, not all the holes in the profiles coincide, creaks the z axis, something was confused in electronics-the board died after warming up-wrote overheating and no longer turned on. Opened a dispute, before that could not explain that the fee died. The store made a discount of 20 bucks after closing the dispute and sent out the spare parts. I wait. i overtook the extruder-the fluoroplastic tube was melted (was included), twisted the nozzle as it should-until the stop. While i test with a fee from the donor-the rest works. If the spare parts do not reach-discounts are almost enough for a new fee or repair.

  50. I***t


  51. E***r

    L ‘impressora ha arribat perfectament i en pocs dies. The paquet contenia tot that surt to the description. Ara només falta posar-la en marxa i veure que tal imprimeix.

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